ProsperIT is your solution for IT Prosperity. We bring passionate expertise around digital transformation, with an emphasis on two primary focuses:


As industry experts around these two primary focuses, we are well versed on all things security and automation…which is exactly what you’ll need if you intend on keeping current. Security isn’t something you can “fake it til you make it”, and automation of repetitive tasks will save you time and money. The result of focusing on these two areas of your business leads to a secure posture across all attack surfaces, and automations/APIs in place to reduce inefficiencies and save you time… all at a fraction of the cost of pricey legacy/outdated approaches.


We will highlight your risks, and address your gaps and inefficiencies.


We will automate your repetitive tasks, so you’ll save time and money.


We will offload your security management (if you’d like), so you can rest easy knowing your security is being managed by an expert SOC team.

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